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Passion fuels everything we do. Our beauty courses were born from a deep love for the industry, aiming to empower and inspire aspiring beauty enthusiasts to unlock their full potential and create a career they truly love.

Our passion-driven approach ensures that every course is infused with creativity, innovation, and everything we have learned along the way. We believe that beauty education should be as empowering as it is enlightening, allowing you to unleash your unique potential and create a business for yourself that you can be proud of.

Welcome to Black Label Beauty Academy


Hello, future beauty queen!

I am so excited you're here. My name is Stef Bowen, and I am the Founder and Managing Director of Black Label Beauty Academy.

Just like you, I started my beauty career with absolutely no experience whatsoever. However, I could see so much potential in this industry, and I was so hungry, excited and ready to create something for myself.

I started doing client's lashes from the landing of my house in Perth – it wasn’t even technically a room! So much has happened since then, and I have learned so much along the way. Fast forward seven years, and I am now a very proud multi-figure salon owner with a fantastic team around me.

I am so lucky to call myself a multi-accredited, award-winning Lash and Brow Tech, and after completing my Lash Masters Accreditation, I have been developing and teaching like-minded people, such as yourself, through my very own beauty courses.

I am so excited to help you learn, grow and kick ass in this fantastic industry. Let's do it!

Love, Stef x

We truly believe in creating a supportive community where collaboration, inspiration, and continuous learning are the driving forces behind what we do.

Ready to Take the Beauty World by Storm?


Take your beauty game to the next level with our in-person intensive courses, or learn from the comfort of your own home with our online course options!

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